History of Castle

Akhaltsikhe Castle Complex is located in Samtskhe – Javakheti, in the city of Akhaltsikhe, in the historical district of “Rabati”. Various historical buildings of IX – XIX c.c. are gathered on the territory of the castle. And the history of the castle dates back to the IX c. In the XII c the fortress was rebuilt, expanded, it became a city and was renamed “Akhaltsikhe” (New Castle). From the XIII c. the Castle – city was the main residence of the Jakels and the administrative center of Meskheti.

In 2011 – 2012s.s. the castle complex with a total area of 8 hectares was completely renovated. The walls of the castle, the citadel, the Georgian Christian Church of IX – X cc., Haji Ahmad – Pasha Jakeli  the so-called Churchy – Mosque, Madrasa and the Jakels’ palace where the Georgian National museum’s Samtskhe – Javakheti History Museum is located today have been restored.

Here you will find the elements characteristic of different cultures: Georgian, Ottoman, Russian, Hebrew, Armenian…which once again emphasizes the tolerance of this region towards other nations and their culture and religion.

The old district of Akhaltsikhe, the so – called “Rabati” is distinguished by another interesting fact. The Georgian Orthodox Church, the Georgian Catholic Monastery, the Jewish Synagogue, the Armenian Apostolic Church, the Muslim Mosque have functioned side by side for centuries.

And even today the Rabat District is a center of unique tolerance in world history.

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A ticket is required to enter the Akhaltsikhe Castle Complex.

The Complex offers a service of a guide.

Free entry is allowed on specific groups.

Discounts are offered.

There is an additional fee for organizing a photo session on the territory of the Castle.

You can also visit the Ivane Javakhishvili Samtskhe-javakheti History Museum on the Territory of the Complex.